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Billing and Payment

Our service territory for electric and water services is divided into 82 different zones for meter reading. Everyday, the meter readers gather the data from several different zones, and it is uploaded to our billing system. Bills are mailed to customers within approximately 3 days. Payment is due upon receipt, and becomes delinquent 21 days after the billing date.

We are open for payments 24/7. You can pay your utility bill online or on the phone anytime at no charge.  Look for the Customer Portal link near the bottom of this website or call 386-424-3199 and have your account number ready. Payments are processed immediately. All of our payment options are shown below.

To protect yourself and your utility service from disconnection, please use caution when making your payment through a third-party payment service. Most importantly, fully understand their offered services and fees, and always keep a receipt.

Payment Options



Visa, MasterCard, or Discover (debit or credit card)

Have your 12 digit account number ready

Call 386-427-1361, option 1

or call 386-424-3199 directly

web pay


Visa, MasterCard, or Discover (debit or credit card)

Have the first 6 digits of your account number ready

Go to Customer Portal

or go directly to

drive thru payment

Drive Thru

Cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover (debit or credit card, with ID) @ 200 Canal Street

Entrance off Magnolia Street, south of the building

Open from 8 am – 5 pm, M-F (except holidays)

night drop

Night Drop

Located to the right of the drive thru teller window

Checks and money orders can be left after hours or on weekends

Payments will be processed the next business day

Please do not leave cash

us mail payment option

US Mail

New Smyrna Beach Utilities, P.O. Box 100

New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170


overnight payments

Overnight Payments

New Smyrna Beach Utilities, 200 Canal Street

New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

Automatic Utility Bill Pay Program

Electronic Payments through External Financial Institutions

  • Schedule payment arrival 2-3 business days prior to bill due date.
  • Use the full zip code 32170-0100 when setting up payments.

Please be aware we are NOT affiliated with

Advance Payments

  • Advance payments are accepted, and recommended if you expect to be out of town for an extended period of time.
  • The amount paid in advance is entirely up to the customer, however, we suggest advance payments be made in amounts greater than the estimated amount of your bill to ensure no unpaid balance will remain on the account.
  • Unpaid balance can cause disconnection for non-payment. 

Budget Billing Program

  • Allows you to budget your expenses easier by paying a monthly average of your regular utility bills true-up occurs at the end of the calendar year
  • Available to year-round customers who pay their bills via Automatic Utility Bill Pay with service for a minimum of nine months at the location. 
  • Click here for a paper application to print out and mail in.

Late Payment Fees and Procedures

  • Your utility bill is due upon receipt and becomes delinquent 21 days after the billing date. 
  • If payment is not received by 5 p.m. on or before the due date, a courtesy notice will be mailed and a late charge assessed. 
  • Accounts with a past due balance, greater than $25, will be charged $5 or 1.5% of the past due balance, whichever is greater. 
  • The courtesy notice provides for nine days after the due date to pay for the delinquent bill in full or make payment arrangements. If no arrangements have been made by the date stated on the notice, the account will be subject to disconnection of services. 

Disconnection for Non-Payment

  • Customer Service personnel will assist customers, within set policies, experiencing unforeseen and emergency situations, to prevent disconnection of services. For assistance, please contact Customer Service in advance of the due date on your bill or notice. Should your services be disconnected for non-payment, the following reconnection procedures will apply:
  • Payment of total amount for which account was disconnected, plus any past due charges due on account. 
  • Payment of reconnection charge of $50 (normal working hours) or $150 (after hours). This fee is payable on your next utility bill.
  • Update of deposit to 2x your average monthly bill.
  • Updated lease and documentation. 

Extension Information 

  • Each customer is allowed up to 3 extensions per calendar year. It allows a 2 week grace period beyond the due date of the bill for payment to be made. 
  • Customers must request an extension. We cannot put an extension on the account until after the due date. If you need an extension, please call Customer Service the day after the bill is due. 
  • Extensions cannot be combined and are not retractable once an extension is requested. There are no extensions on deposits or returned checks.
  • If eligible for an "extension in the field" at the time of cut-out for non-payment, a signature and verification of account information will be required before the extension can be granted. The $35 trip fee is assessed. 
  • Extensions are for residential accounts only.

Occupancy/Ownership Changes

Changes in ownership/occupancy of a residence must be reported immediately. Changes in ownership include ALL changes of names on the account, regardless of relationship (except in the case of joint ownership with rights of survivorship from one co-owner to the survivor), each change requiring a cut-out and cut-in service. The former owner/occupant's account will be final billed and the new owner/occupant is responsible for payment of the required deposit amount to establish service in their name. 

No applicant for utilities who has previously been disconnected from the utility system due to non-payment of charges shall be permitted to have a utility connection until all delinquent charges have been paid to NSBU, together with applicable reconnection charges.