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Conservation Programs

The UC encourages electric and water conservation, and has several opportunities for customers to save money on their utilities bill and help conserve our natural resources. 


The UC offers residential and small business customers electrical rebates for energy efficient improvements. 

Residential Rebates effective April 14, 2023 (click here to be directed to detailed application)

  • Solar Attic Fan
  • Air Conditioning
  • Home EV Charger
  • Low Flow Toilet

Customer Owned Solar Installations

UCNSB has a program whereby customers can install a renewable generation system (RGS) on their premises and interconnect those facilities to UCNSB's Electrical System. 


Water Rates and Conservation

UCNSB uses an inverted block rate structure for potable water and wastewater to encourage conservation and discourage wasteful water use. Consumption amounts are separated into four blocks, with rates per 1,000 gallons increasing as your consumption increases. With this type of structure, customers who use less water pay a lower rate than customers who use more water.