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Modernization Roadmap

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The Modernization Roadmap: How we will meet the evolving needs of our customers and community, now and in the foreseeable future.  

For over 50 years, NSBU has safely delivered reliable and low cost power and water to our customers in the greater New Smyrna Beach area.

With change, however, comes the opportunity to improve, and accordingly, NSBU has embarked on an exciting time of growth and enhancement for our community.

NSBU has developed a Grid Modernization Plan to improve the reliability, resiliency, and efficiency of our electric and water systems, through prioritizing key infrastructure investments which support our Vision, Mission, and Values statement goals to be a trusted advisor and steward for our community, operating reliable and sustainable water and electric systems.

We are undertaking an electric reliability improvement program and have already begun implementing some of its initiatives, including a new vegetation management program to increase resiliency and improve reliability. We will install equipment and utilize technology to reduce the number of outages so our system is more resilient to the impacts of storms and hurricanes. On the water side of our business, we will be investing in our plants and new technology to preserve the health and sustainability of our precious natural resources.

This website page will serve as a repository of our strategic plans to date for ease of reference. We are proud to share our progress with you and look forward to a successful completion of our efforts. 


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