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Celebrate Water Conservation Month

April is Water Conservation Month, and this year marks the 25-year anniversary since April was first established as Water Conservation Month in Florida. The Florida section of the AWWA (FSAWWA), in coordination with Florida's Water Management Districts, ask water utilities, local governments and other organizations to adopt a proclamation declaring April as Water Conservation Month to raise awareness of the need to conserve this most precious natural resource. Stop by our drive-thru during the month of April for a free toilet leak detection kit.

Florida Water Fun Fact! In Florida, there are over 1,000 springs, including more than 30 first-magnitude springs with an average flow of over 100 cubic feet per second (64.6 million gallons per day) (Knight 2017). Spring water emerges from cavities in the porous limestone of the Floridan aquifer, and often contributes to the flow or level of water in streams and lakes. The springs depend upon the same resources from which we withdraw water for public water supplies, private water wells, and agricultural production. Increases in water withdrawals for any purpose also reduces spring flows. The Chinese proverb 'when you drink water, remember the spring' applies to Florida literally.


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