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Annual Gravity Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Project Status

Projected Start/Completion Date: Annual, ongoing project, projected to continue until 2024

Project Size: This project encompasses our entire service area.  As of April 1, 2022, contractors are working in the area between West Canal Street and Ronnoc Lane, west of US 1. 

Project Impact:  This $2 million annual expenditure is a key project to extend the life of our wastewater system throughout the city. The work involves relining the gravity sanitary sewer pipes and manholes to eliminate infiltration of sand, dirt and stormwater, which all negatively impact the wastewater treatment plant operations through added costs and damage to the infrastructure. The contractor will notify, 48 hours in advance, any utility customer service impacts. To date in FY 2022, we have lined approximately 16,000 linear feet of sewer pipe and approximately 40 manholes, Last FY, a total of 40,000 linear feet of pipe eas lined and approximately 75 manholes.

Start Date
Project Contacts

UC Project Manager:  Dana Hale

Contractor: BLD Services, LLC/LMR Construction, Inc.