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New Smyrna Beach Utilities welcomes the opportunity to do business with interested suppliers. The Materials Management Division consists of the Purchasing and Warehouse areas of NSBU. The Purchasing Division has the responsibility for procuring goods and services in the most efficient and effective way to achieve the best price consistent with the quality needed to meet the requirements of the NSBU.
Purchasing is handled through our Centralized Purchasing Division, located at 350 Slaton Street, New Smyrna Beach. Our warehouse is located at 1151 Field Street. We are always happy to meet our vendors. We extend an open invitation to call and make an appointment to visit us and let us learn about your service or products. It is recommended that initial contact with other NSBU departments be made through the Materials Management’s Purchasing Division. This will ensure proper processing and save valuable time for all parties.

Open Bid Information (VendorLink)

How We Purchase

Purchases under $1,000
New Smyrna Beach Utilities is using the VISA purchasing card through Bank of America. Vendors who are capable of accepting and processing VISA are able to process small dollar amounts without the necessity of a purchase order. The use of Purchasing Cards reduces administrative and operational cost for the low dollar purchase. Field Purchase Order may also be issued for amounts under $1,000.

Small Procurement (Purchases under $5,000)
A minimum of three quotations is obtained for all purchases from $1,000 to $4,999. Quotations may be obtained by either competitive oral or written quotations.

Request for Quotation (Purchases of $5,001 to $10,000)
Written Quotations are obtained in writing and is a less formal process not requiring terms and conditions.

Formal Request for Quotation (Purchases $10,001 to $75,000)
Formal Quotations with terms and conditions will be sent out and requires a minimum of three written quotes and is less formal process than a sealed bid.Quotes will be placed on DemandStar or AURSI.

Formal Competitive Purchases (Purchases of $75,001 and over)
All purchase of $75,001 or more require a formal solicitation process unless otherwise provided for by New Smyrna Beach Utilities Policy, such as Emergency or Sole Source. An Invitation to Bid or Request for Proposal will normally be used for purchases of $75,001 and over. The awards are typically recommended to the lowest, most responsive and responsible bidder or in accordance with other award criteria when stipulated. All purchases over $75,000 require approval from the Commission Board. Please check our OPEN BID INFORMATION page for current Bids.


Contact Information

Maureen Lynch, CPPB
Materials Manager
Phone: (386) 424-3046
Mail: P.O. Box 100, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170.
Fax: (386) 424-2748


Purchasing Manual (1000.39 KB)